ASTRA Cockpit
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Kickoff-Meeting für die Europa-Standorte der ABB abgeschlossen.

Kickoff-Meeting für die Europa-Standorte der ABB abgeschlossen.


Energy settlement:

At the moment we account over Excel spreadsheet, but this takes to much time.

Settlement / billing with automatic index calculation saves time and money.

Most of the time, people have to wait for along time for correct results from the reading services.

Delivery indicators:

We like to get a overview about supplier of raw materials with prices, delivery time to save money in the purchase.


Anytime we need the overview of liquidity. That is the most important thing for every company.


We need the automatic export data for the finance accounting software / bookkeeping in order to exclude errors during the manual collections and save personnel expenditure / costs.

In the case of the conversion to Astra Cockpit we would like to import all data from the existing system.

Asset management:

We need electronic timesheets in order to reduce fault frequency during operation and maintenance costs.

Information system:

We need the upcoming maintenance and maintenance reports, which we send via e – mail to the suppliers to carry out repairs quickly and save money. With reaching automatically adjusted values consumed would like I to be informed automatically.

Heating bills:

Astra Cockpit reads automatically counter values, so it is always possible to get the heating bill at your fingertips.